First Grader Sets Teacher Straight on Math Fact

Click to enlarge.IJR Review provides an example of the ludicrous Common Core math problems children are being subjected to. A child (probably a first grader) is asked to make 10 by adding 8+5.  The child responds, “You can not make 10 withe 8 + 5.”  (You can not make 10 with 8 + 5.) The teacher writes back, “Yes you can. Take 2 from 5 and add it to 8.   (8 + 2 = 10).  Then add […]

U.S. Supreme Court Delays Start of Early Voting in Ohio

th-1WBNS 10TV reports the U.S. Supreme Court has delayed the start of early voting in Ohio until October 7th. In a 5-4 decision, the justices put a hold on a lower court’s ruling that had restored “Golden Week”, a period during which people can register to vote and cast a ballot. The Ohio Assembly had passed a law eliminating “Golden Week” and some evening and weekend hours for early voting. The law was challenged by […]

HHS Report on ACA Exchanges Masks True Condition of Ohio’s Health Insurance Market

thGongwer News Service reports on an HHS report titled “Health Insurance Issuer Participation and New Entrants in the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015.” HHS paints a rosy scenario noting that the number of participating insurers is up 25% across the country. The report indicates Ohio’s exchange will have a greater number of insurers than most other federally assisted exchanges.  Open enrollment starts in November and Ohioans will choose from plan offerings from 16 companies. Gongwer quotes from […]

Judicial Update: Ohio Anti-lie Law and Early Voting

th-1Not willing to allow themselves to be relegated to obsolescence, the Ohio Elections Commission has decided to appeal U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black’s decision which struck down Ohio’s law banning campaign lies. The Ohio Elections Commission must not have received the memo that in a free republic the government doesn’t determine truth, the people do. The Cincinnati Enquirer noted that the Commission stands little chance of having the decision overturned given that recent U.S. […]

Common Core Platitudes Dispelled by High School Principal

thIn her article, “Four Common Core ‘flimflams'”, Carol Burris strikes down the most oft-heard statements from Common Core proponents. Ohio parents will recognize these talking points as they are frequently parrotted by school officials, the Kasich administration, and some members of the state legislature.  The Washington Post published Burris’ article and reported that she is a New York high school principal and a previous supporter of Common Core. Once NY started implementing the standards, Burris […]

Ohio Teachers to Have Their Say on Common Core Repeal

thThe Ohio House Rules and Reference Committee has heard over 30 hours of testimony from proponents and opponents of HB 597, the Common Core repeal bill, but the Committee wants to hear more. Another hearing has been proposed with a tentative date of October 14th. This time the focus will be on practicing teachers and so the hearing will be held in the evening to accommodate teaching schedules. So far the Committee has heard from […]

Blow to Minnesota’s Health Exchange Signals Broader Obamacare Woes

bandaidObamacare does not seem to be working as expected in the State of Minnesota.  Its state-based health exchange known as Mnsure received a major blow with the announcement that its lowest cost insurance provider, Preferred One, will be pulling out. Preferred One had garnered 59% of the Mnsure customer base by offering the lowest premiums of any of the four remaining insurance providers.  But the company indicated that continuing to do so was “not sustainable” […]

A Tale of Two Kasichs

taleoftwoThe Cleveland Plain Dealer asks if a conservative advocacy group with close ties to Governor Kasich is laying the groundwork for a Kasich presidential run.  While it’s no surprise to most Ohioans that the Governor has his eyes set on the ultimate political prize, it is interesting to see how the group, American Freedom Builders, portrays Governor Kasich and his policies on their website. The Plain Dealer directs its readers to American Freedom Builder’s newsletters which are focused […]

Farmers, Ranchers, Lawmakers Concerned Over EPA’s Latest Attempt to Define “Waters of the United States”

th  Back in June, The Hill reported on a proposed EPA rule which lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worry could mean an expansive power grab for the feds and the loss of personal property rights for farmers, ranchers, and other property owners. The proposed rule known as Waters of the United States (WOTUS) seeks to establish which bodies of water are subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act (CWA).  The definition of […]

Workplace Freedom Update for Week of 9/7

workplace-freedom-OHOhioans for Workplace Freedom volunteers were busy on Saturday collecting signatures in Hilliard at the Music and Craft Fair. This proved to be a good venue for Right to Work proponents as 166 signatures were collected.  With a little more help, volunteers could have easily doubled their total. The successful effort on Saturday shows that the Right to Work message resonates strongly in Ohio and serves as motivation for proponents to continue pressing hard to […]