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Reduce Healthcare Costs

OHLC seeks to understand, align on, and influence causative factors of rising health care costs in Oregon. We will focus on addressing factors that are controllable by engaging all health care partners that influence healthcare costs.

We will “lean into” the work already happening on reducing waste and low-value services, value-based payment (VBP) and Oregon’s recently legislated cost growth targets. We will acknowledge the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty has had on healthcare organizations and provide recommendations on how to best adjust the cost containment roadmap.

OHLC envisions a healthcare system adaptable to the broader economic environment and one that drives accountability on behalf of the people of Oregon who rely on us to care for them.

Learn more on the Reducing Healthcare Costs page

The Compact, jointly sponsored by the Oregon Health Authority and the OHLC, already has 63 signatories, covering 73 percent of the people in Oregon.

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Fostering a Thriving Workforce

Providing the highest quality of healthcare is dependent on health workers availability, accessibility, and quality. Mere availability of health workers is not sufficient; only when they are equitably distributed and accessible by the population, when they possess the required skills, when they are motivated and empowered to deliver quality care and when they are adequately supported by the health systems, can we have a thriving workforce that delivers effective coverage to all Oregonians.

OHLC will collaborate with the business community, educational partners, and state agencies to develop a strategic and integrated healthcare and community health workforce model that outlines the people and skills required to deliver treatment and care to all people in Oregon

Learn more on the Thriving Workforce page

OHEC and OHLC are developing a healthcare career event for teens, showcasing diverse healthcare options and guiding them on a pathway to acquire essential skills and education for successful employment.

Promoting Whole-Person Care

OHLC and its members are committed to advancing high-quality, accessible, equitable care for the people of Oregon. Through our Best Practice Committee, Connect Oregon, and HIT Commons, we provide collaboration, guidance, reporting, and advance technical solutions for the statewide health care community.

Our current initiatives focus on improving care for high priority populations (e.g., behavioral health, housing insecure individuals and families), as well as the experience of their caregivers.

Learn more on the Whole-Person Care page

The OHLC BPC crafted an OUD Toolkit for Oregon’s Emergency Departments, providing a framework and Oregon-specific resources to enhance and implement successful OUD treatment programs statewide.

OUD Toolkit

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