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Initiatives with Partners

HIT Commons Governance accelerates the selection, financing, implementation, and adoption of health information technology in Oregon, ensuring effective oversight and governance of statewide HIT initiatives for Sponsoring Organizations and stakeholders.

HIT Commons Governance Board Members

The HIT Commons Users Advisory Group aligns efforts with the Governance Board to optimize Collective Medical and HIT tools. Recommendations aim for standardization in key areas essential for cross-organizational care coordination.

HIT Commons Users Advisory Group

Charter and Meeting Materials

Access HIT Commons User Advisory Group charter and meeting materials for seamless collaboration and alignment in optimizing Collective Medical and HIT tools for healthcare initiatives.

Charter and Materials

EDIE Notification Advisory Committee

The EDIE Notification Advisory Committee provides a forum for emergency department users of the EDIE notification to provide feedback and recommendations on new data feeds and format.


Explore details of HIT Commons core programs, guiding the acceleration of health information technology initiatives in Oregon for effective statewide adoption and oversight.


Resources and Reports

Discover a wealth of EDIE resources, reports, and webinars on our dedicated page, offering valuable insights and knowledge to enhance your experience and understanding.

EDIE Utility

Interested in PDMP integration?

The PDMP Integration initiative is sponsored by HIT Commons, a shared public/private governance model formed between OHLC and the OHA. It is being guided by the members of HUAG.

PDMP Integration

To learn more about HIT Commons mission and purpose, please review the board Charter.


For information on the leadership priorities chosen by the HIT Commons Governance Board, please review priorities for 2022+.

Priorities for 2022+

To learn about the background of HIT Commons, find the beginnings here.

HIT Commons Background
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