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2024 Session – Passed Bills

EMS system modernization (Rep. Grayber)HB4081

Creates a framework to modernize Oregon’s emergency medical services system. Effective Jan. 1, 2025, it:

  • Establishes an EMS program to administer a statewide system and improve EMS standards and creates a State EMS Director position to oversee the program and serve as chairperson of the EMS Advisory Board. The program shall establish and maintain an EMS data system
  • Establishes a 19-member EMS Advisory Board to develop the program and provide ongoing advice/recommendations. The board is supported by four advisory committees: Time-Sensitive Medical Emergencies, EMS, Pediatric EMS and Behavioral Health EMS.
  • The regional EMS advisory boards develop regional EMS plans by Jan. 2027. Starting Jan. 2027, a Long-Term Care and Senior Care EMS advisory committee will begin meeting and advising the EMS Advisory Board.

Lane County EMS and Innovation Fund (Rep. Nathanson) OHLC supportedHB4136

Gives the City of Eugene $1.3 million for a basic life support unit and $3.2 million for the Health Care Access Innovation Fund. Lane County will report to the legislature by Dec. 2024 and Dec. 2025.

Opioid overdose notification (Reps. Owens & Javadi for OHLC)HB4150

Permits PDMP to notify prescribers of a recent patient’s opioid overdose. The facts of notices cannot be used for disciplinary reasons, providers can opt out.

2023 Session – Passed Bills

PDMP Integration FundingHB3258

PDMP permanent integration & funding fix, $1.5m appropriation.

Data PrivacySB619

Attorney General’s data privacy bill; exempts HIPAA operations.

2022 Session – Passed Bills

COVID data sharingHB4034

Extends COVID test data sharing for 1 year, directs health profession licensing boards to enable telehealth.

HIE and CIEHB4150

Directs OHA’s Health Information Technology Oversight Council (HITOC) to study CIE (and HIE).

2021 Session – Passed Bills

Collective Platform (aka PreManage, EDIE) FundingHB5024

OHA share of Collective Platform funding ($427k GF + $1.28M federal match) added back to OHA budget to support CCO subscription fees.

COVID data sharingHB3057

Allows COVID-19 positive test results to flow to Collective Platform, a HIPAA-compliant, secure care coordination network used by Oregon hospitals, health plans, primary care, and behavioral health clinics.

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